Snapchat is chasetaymill
26.Sep.14 3 weeks ago
y are danielle and chase not friends anymore

I think they’re ok but from what I remember it was like danielle took “jays side”

21.Sep.14 1 month ago
what is chase's snapchat?

I dont know

15.Sep.14 1 month ago
why is chase no longer on the wilhelmina website? is she not signed with them anymore?

I really don’t know actually

14.Sep.14 1 month ago
It's not like it's a bad thing if she isn't a virgin and it doesn't make her a bad person. You could tell she really cared for Jay, so I just wouldn't be surprised if she isn't

No it doesn’t at all! But I guess that’ll be a mystery lol

14.Sep.14 1 month ago
I'm pretty sure chase isn't a virgin, she's been with Jay. Jay pretty much says it on his tumblr if you look at his old questions

I have lol but there’s also chase and I dont think she’d do that

07.Sep.14 1 month ago


Ask me anything you guys want here

19.Aug.14 2 months ago
Do you think chase is a virgin?

lol I dont know probably 

19.Aug.14 2 months ago
What's chase's Instagram?


09.Aug.14 2 months ago


19.Jul.14 3 months ago